Keep your Home Smelling Fresh using your AC Unit





Most of us use some sort of plug in freshener or candles in our homes to keep it smelling fresh and inviting. But there are limits to areas receiving these fragrances. Why not allow fragrances to enter into your AC’s main return vent. This will distribute them throughout your home, where ever ac vents blowing. Lets give it a try.

Step One:  Clean your return vent and be sure your filter is in good order, if not replace it.

Step Two:  Add an Essential Oil Diffuser near the return vent. You could also use any fragrance dispersing device.

**An easy method would be to periodically spray your favorite scents directly onto the filter, or add a dish sponge, with the oils or scents absorbed, between the grill vent and the ac filter.

Step Three: Vuala! Enjoy.

30 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome

30 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Spring and Summer

As the warm weather approaches we are thinking about our projects for the spring and summer to get our yards ready for relaxing and hosting. Here area a few ideas to get to get you inspired. ideas. It’s time to get your backyard awesome!

Recommend tools and materials:
Outdoor Commercial String Globe Lights
LP Gas Drop-In 2 Burner
Movie Theater Projector Screen
LED Video Projector 1080P




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DIY Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

12 DIY Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

Now that April is finally here, and we’re a couple of weeks into spring, it’s time to add some color and life to your home’s decore. Warm up your home with some colorful DIY projects. Add some color to your space with some indoor plants behind your sink or on top of your fireplace. Spruce up the couch with some colorful throw pillows or blankets. Don’t forget the walls, perhaps some colorful pieces of artwork using your child’s school works or glued puzzle with a picture frame.


Check out more below.

DIY Ideas

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34 DIY Spring Projects Roundup

34 Spring Projects Roundup

Spring is here and everyone is looking for some great projects to do both outdoors and indoors to get your home ready. So why not check out these 34 DIY Spring Projects Roundup. There are so many projects to choose from and no matter what project you choose you will not regret it I promise you that.

DIY Ideas

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25 DIY Tips And Tricks For Spring Cleaning

25 DIY Tips And Tricks For Spring Cleaning

Still behind on the spring cleaning this year? Whats great about these 25 DIY Tips And Tricks For Spring Cleaning is they are all great methods and ideas that turn this huge chore into a basic house cleaning session one day at a time. Plus all the ideas make sure you do not forget any areas in your home. Check them out!

DIY Cleaning Ideas

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Low Carb Grilled Zucchini Pizza


These pizzas are the best of both worlds. Healthy if you are looking into losing some weight and tasty because everyone loves a tasty pizza. We made something similar when we went camping with our friends and family it was actually quite easy to make. We cooked them in tin foil over the open fire. Let me know how yours turn out and if you have a story around it please share with us!

Here is a brief summary of the directions:

  • Grab very large zucchini from your grocery store and cut into 3/4″ slices.
  • Brush both sides with Olive Oil, or you may experiment with a different oil.
  • Grill on both sides for about 7 minute on each side, low, until slightly tender.
  • Add heated or non-heated pizza sauce to slices and coat the top side.
  • Next, add the grated cheese and meats of your choice. Popular choices are mozzerella, turkey, pepperoni, and bacon.
  • Place your prep pizzas back onto the grill or under a broiler and cook for additional 5-10 minutes, being sure meats are cooked and cheese is melted. Your ready to eat!




Recipe for Grilled Zucchini Pizza Slices

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8 DIY Bird Bath Projects

8 DIY Bird Bath Projects

Bird baths are always fun to create and they are also worth every hour and penny you have invested when all those beautiful birds come to your yard this spring/summer season. So get your tools out and go check out these 8 DIY Bird Bath Projects. Than sit back and relax on your patio and enjoy the bird bath show.


DIY Ideas

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27 Easy Ways To Spring Clean

27 Easy Ways To Spring Clean

Spring cleaning season is always difficult because there are so many areas you have to clean and only a limited supply of products and ways to clean. So check out these 27 Easy Ways To Spring Clean and ramp up your spring cleaning this year properly. So many ideas to help you get all your spring cleaning done in a limited about of time.

Cleaning Ideas

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DIY Spring Cleaning 101

DIY Spring Cleaning 101

Here are some really great ideas to get you in gear with spring cleaning. There are so many ways to get that house, garage and yard clean but the question is how efficient are you methods and are they quite simple or very time consuming. Click on over and check out the DIY Spring Cleaning 101 as it is totally worth it.

Cleaning Ideas

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Place some potted plants around your room to add a bit of nature

Place some potted plants around your room to add a bit of nature

Looking for a way to redecorate your dorm or bedroom? Here are some of the best 26 cheap and easy ways to have the best dorm room ever! Your room should make a statement of who you are so make your space into your own and and check out how to place some potted plants around your room to add a bit of nature!

Here is the link to potted place around room.

Potted Plants to add nature

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Get rid of dead and dying plants

Get rid of dead and dying plants

Today’s real estate market can be crazy. But improving your curb appeal can help you get the price that you want for the house that you are selling. Here is another great way for improving your curb appeal on your home. Get rid of dead and dying plants.

Here is the link.

Get rid of dead and dying plants

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31 Home Decor Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

31 Home Decor Hacks That Are Borderline Genius
I love these 31 cheap and easy decorating ideas! Who would of thought using such simple and basic concepts can make decorating so fun and extremely easy on the wallet. Check out all 31 of these decorating ideas that are borderline genius!

1. If you need an easy way to hang a curtain rod, use Command hooks

2. Repurpose your old rhinestone necklaces to make curtain tiebacks for a bohemian-inspired home

3. Easily switch out seasonal plants by placing your potted plants IN pots

4. If you have an exposed closet or clothing rack, use colored tape to prettify your hangers

5. Use a hollowed out book to hide an unsightly router

6. Use a sharpie and draw a design on a light bulb to cast a neat shadow when the light is turned on

7. Use an upside down Command hook on the backside of a door to hang a wreath

8. Jute rope is a cheap way to add a rustic/nautical touch to any window dressing

9. Cut an inexpensive duvet cover in half to make curtains — the fabric will be doubled, creating its own “lining”

10. If you’re looking for a subtle pop of color, paint the sides of your door

11. Painting the sides of a dresser adds a delightful detail to a child’s room

12. Place a can under a candle in a large vase — you’ll use less filler AND the candle will sit straight

13. Put your mouthwash in a decanter

14. Light an array of candles in an unused fireplace

15. Update an unsightly fan with ribbons and tape

16. Coat the inside of a lampshade with glitter to create a cool reflective light effect

17. Half-painted walls will give the illusion of higher ceilings

18. Tie shower curtains on with bows instead of metal rings that rust

19. Poke holes in a dark lampshade for a starry effect

20. For a statement wall hanging, Staples does oversized prints called “engineer prints”

21. Use removable contact paper to pre-arrange your photo gallery before drilling holes

22. A slim floating bookcase is a nice, clean way to add storage to dead space

23. Use embroidery floss to weave a welcome message onto your screen door

24. Use a paste of water and cornstarch to make removable wallpaper out of fabric

25. Paint your unsightly vinyl or laminate floors

26. For a space-saving lamp, hang a lightbulb on a cord off of a wall-mounted shelf bracket

27. If you’re hanging something heavy on your walls, use tape to measure the distance between two holes

28. For a cheap and classy alternative to bookshelves, use stair treads and corbels

29. Transform a boring window roller blind by covering it with pretty fabric and attaching it with hot glue

30. DIY Fabric Floorcloth

31. This handy website lets you see how your room will look with different paint colors

DIY Pumpkin Creature – Teddy Bear

Pumpkin Creature Teddy Bear

Simple DIY Pumpkin Teddy Bear Creature. Pick up multiple sizes orange pumpkins for the body, legs, arms, ears, etc.

Basic instructions:

1. To make the body, attach a medium-size pumpkin to a larger pumpkin with a 3/4-inch wooden dowel (use a drill to make holes in each).
2. For the arms and legs, cut the top off of orange gourds, hollow out, and attach to pumpkin body with 1/2-inch wooden dowels.
3. Use Jack Be Little pumpkins for the face. Cut one in half for the ears, cut two in half for the eyes (use the pumpkin tops with stem). Make bear’s snout with a small orange pumpkin, halved and hollowed out. Attach to head with bamboo skewers.

Here are some other examples of what you can create as well. Good luck.

great-pumpkin-ants tortoise-pumpkin

Provided by Parents Magazine

DIY Plastic Pumpkin Decorations


Plastic pumpkins from the dollar store and can of spray paint can create some nice decorative pieces. Pick the color you want, paint, let dry and decorate it how you want. Go with Gold, Silver, or which ever color fits your idea. In this sample, provided by, hip2save, they are turned into table planter pieces. You can have the kids glue on faces and decorate with there favorite stickers. Here is the finished project below.


You can also order basic diy decorations like the kit below and get the kiddos involved in making there own.


Funny Foam Mustache Pumpkin Craft Kit (Makes 12)

Creativity Station for Kids

13. Creativity Station for Kids

Here is a nice kid station to their creativity on. Ikea fixtures and some things you already have at home. Organize those rooms that you never thought could ever get organized. Create your own creativity station with this inspirational set up. Lets see if you can top this with your own style and creativity. Article provided by jamonkey.



Multifunction Desktop Organizer