Hot To Build A Strawberry Tower With Reservoir

If gardening is your suit then you will want to built one of these strawberry gardens built into a tower. Whats even better is it even has a reservoir for water storage.

Materials and Tools Required:
– 5 gallon plastic pots: They will be around 11″ diameter by 13″ height. Try to find sturdy ones with drain holes on the very bottom. If you happen to find some pots with drain holes are on the side, just punch a few holes on the bottom. You could even use a bucket as well.
– Get out you Milwaukee 1.25″ Hole Saw and a drill
– Also grab yourself a 1 liter plastic water bottle, and a very sharp tool that you can use to punch holes. Remember only the top pot will actually need a reservoir. Make sure that your bottle is about the same height as the pot.
– Get your best potting soil, and make sure you add 1/3 of worm castings and compost. And don’t forget your strawberry seedlings.

1. Draw yourself out 12 equally spaced holes within the side of each of the pots, and take your drill and drill the holes with the Milwaukee 1.25″ Hole Saw attached to a drill.
2. Start to prepare your reservoir by cutting the bottom of the water bottle first, and then poke some small holes on the bottle cap and on the sides all the way to the top. Make sure you leave the cap screwed on firmly. As you know this will allow the water to slowly seep through all the holes slowly.
3. Put your reservoir in the middle of a pot, once again, and remember only the top pot in a stack needs a reservoir.
4. Slowly add soil and strawberry seedlings. Make sure you add yourself a layer of rocks or pebbles at the top of the pot so that this holds the soil in when we water. If you notice the soil washing away add another layer of rocks and pebbles or even sand to keep the soil in place.
5. Repeat the same steps with the lower pots, and make sure you leave out the top bottle reservoir that you built and the rocks. You can start to stack your strawberry tower together now.
6. If you want to be able to move your tower in your garden then you will not need a center pole through the middle of the posts for stability. But feel free to add one if you are not planning on moving it. You can also divide this tall tower into shorter ones if you like.
7. Make sure for the first week that you leave the tower in shade and you water it a lot so that the plants are able to recover from when you moved them.
8. Also you need to make sure you water with good old compost tea every couple of weeks in order to keep the strawberry plant growing.
9. You are done enjoy! Perfect addition to your garden.