Pumpkin Creature Teddy Bear

Simple DIY Pumpkin Teddy Bear Creature. Pick up multiple sizes orange pumpkins for the body, legs, arms, ears, etc.

Basic instructions:

1. To make the body, attach a medium-size pumpkin to a larger pumpkin with a 3/4-inch wooden dowel (use a drill to make holes in each).
2. For the arms and legs, cut the top off of orange gourds, hollow out, and attach to pumpkin body with 1/2-inch wooden dowels.
3. Use Jack Be Little pumpkins for the face. Cut one in half for the ears, cut two in half for the eyes (use the pumpkin tops with stem). Make bear’s snout with a small orange pumpkin, halved and hollowed out. Attach to head with bamboo skewers.

Here are some other examples of what you can create as well. Good luck.

great-pumpkin-ants tortoise-pumpkin

Provided by Parents Magazine