Today’s real estate market can be tough. But improving your curb appeal can help you get the price that you want for the house that you are selling. Here is a list of 20 great ideas for improving your curb appeal on your home.

  1. Hide your garden hose in an attractive planter.
  2. Throw a fresh coat of paint on your home.
  3. Power wash and clean your garage doors. Re-paint if necessary.
  4. Stain or paint your front door.
  5. Repaint your mailbox or replace it with newer modern box.
  6. Remove weeds from landscaping.
  7. Add mulch to your landscaping.
  8. Add some new plants and flowers to landscaping.
  9. Place some plants in planters to decorate doorways or areas lacking in color.
  10. Lightly pressure wash a worn fence and seal with wood sealer.
  11. Add a welcome mat to your front door.
  12. Wash and clean windows and seals.
  13. Add new door hardware to your front desk and garage doors.
  14. Trim and prune your plants, trees and bushes.
  15. Pressure wash your walk-ways and drive way.
  16. Clean up your address numbers on your curb or home with some fresh paint.
  17. Add some pathway lights to your walk-ways.
  18. Clean up window blinds and curtains.
  19. Patch and replace missing grass or landscape barriers.
  20. Pressure wash and re-paint the gutters.