Most of us use some sort of plug in freshener or candles in our homes to keep it smelling fresh and inviting. But there are limits to areas receiving these fragrances. Why not allow fresh fragrances to enter into your AC’s main return vent. This will distribute them throughout your home, where ever there are ac vents blowing. Lets give it a try.

Step One:  Clean your return vent and be sure your filter is in good order, if not replace it.

Step Two:  Add an Essential Oil Diffuser near the return vent so it will suck up the aroma. You could also use any fragrance dispersing device.

**An easy method would be to periodically spray your favorite scents directly onto the filter, or add a dish sponge, with the oils or scents absorbed, between the grill vent and the ac filter.

Step Three: Vuala! Enjoy.