Get rid of dead and dying plants



It’s important to clean up your plants, trees, and shrubs to increase your over all curb appeal. However, there are other important reasons why this should be done. Here is a summary of things to know:

  • Pruning will help young plants become more durable as well as giving them direction (or training) as how they will grow.
  • Making way allows for sunlight and water to more easily access the interior, thus allowing for healthier growing.
  • Removing dying or dead branches will help reduce the risk of insects finding a new home in your plant.
  • For larger items, such as trees, trimming back reduces the thickness of the tree, which allows wind and rain to help go through with out too much resistance, thus helping reduce falling broken branches. Also, sunlight will be able to make it the ground where your might have grass or other landscaping, that otherwise might be starving for light.
  • Lastly, pruning and trimming should not be done just before they go dormant. Be sure you wait till after they are dormant or the spring time. You should check on with a garden professional for the specific types of plants your have, just to be sure.


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