Cleaning is always difficult because there are so many areas you have to clean and only limited time. We challenge you to do some easy tasks during your next microwave use to nibble away at some of your tasks. While heating your food in the microwave, how about challenging yourself to performing one of the tasks below before time is up. Do multiple things, by making it game and getting family involved to see who can complete the challenge.

  • Use vinegar and baking soda to clean your flat cook-top stove.
  • Get rid of any old foods in the refrigerator.
  • Clean all the counter tops with your dish sponge and wipe.
  • Throw out recycling and garbage.
  • Clean the area around your dog bowls.
  • Put away any washed dishes.
  • Wipe down your television screens.
  • Consolidate all the trash in the house and get it ready to go out.
  • Wipe down your refrigerator doors, handles, and door gaskets.
  • Clean your breakfast or dining table.
  • Refill your soap dispensers.
  • Clean your refrigerator shelves with your dish sponge and wipe.
  • Sort through the junk pile you have next to the refrigerator.
  • Put away all the toys in the living room.
  • Replenish all your paper towels, napkins, salt and pepper shakers.

I used this challenge during a recent camping trip with the kids. We microwaved macaroni for the kids. I told the kids it was time to clean up their toys, which was simply putting them inside a back-pack. I told them if they beat the “ding” they would each get a popcycle as their reward. I tell you what, getting them to do things like this can be challenging, but they are more responsive to cleaning if it’s treated like a game or a contest. Not to mention the reward they would get. Well sorry to say, they did not make. However, 90% of the mess was gone. I’ll take it!

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