Bringing Plant Life Inside Your Home

It’s nice to relax outside and enjoy nature’s plant life. I think its only natural for humans to feel calm when around plant life. I kind of think of it as our own natural green room. Let us not forget, that plant life gives us the air we breath. We gain so much from nature and perhaps it’s time to share our home with with it. Lets bring some plants into your space. Let’s improve our quality of life and enjoy the freshness, textures, and colors that plants can provide.

Benefits of House Plants

You may or may not know that plants have many benefits. The most well known benefit is that plants provide us with oxygen. When you breath you take in the oxygen and release carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is absorbed by the plant which then releases oxygen. Talk about the perfect partner. Another benefit provided by plants is air purification. According to NASA Clean Air Study certain common indoor plants can trap and absorb toxins, such as formaldehyde and benzine. Also, you might be aware that homes are getting more and more energy efficient by using better insulating products, which is great. However, the “tighter” the home, the less outside and inside air exchange. Therefore, there is not much fresh air coming into the home, unless via some sort of mechanical means. So, if toxins and other pollutants are floating around in your home, I think a little plant air purification can be appreciated. I have added two indoor plants below, that include the benefits above. They might be worth exploring. One is the Aloe Vera. They have been shown to promote significant wound and burn healing. The Second plant is the Peace Lily. Which has great appeal and fragrant flowers.


DIY Potting Ideas for Indoor Plants

Alright, so you bought some plants but the pots they came with are not very appealing. Well I think looking in your storage areas for old kitchen ware should be your next move. Perhaps you have a bunch of old tea-cups or coffee mugs that your were considering donating. Use them for your planters. Keep in mind not to over water them, since they do not have any drain holes. Now, you could drill a couple on the bottom to solve that problem.

Cool nick-knacks from your garage, yard sales, or even from resale shops can be up-cycled to create nice decorative planters.  Look for unique items that could be cut in half or modified that can be used. A few things that come to mind are old watering cans, kids lunch boxes, old soda bottle boxes (the wooden type), and old salad bowls. I think you get the idea.




DIY planters using recycled pasta jars nested on a shelf or counter can make for a cool up-cycled project. We also found these Suction cup planters are great way to display plants on window panes, while giving your plants plenty of sunshine. These are a super cool idea.