Still behind on the spring cleaning this year?  Here are a few excellent tips to help out with those household cleaning choirs. Hopefully you will find some of these cleaning tips beneficial.

You first solution is to create an easy cleaning supply carrier. Some of use a container of some sort, and some of us just carry the items around and go back and forth when we need additional items. A simple and cool idea is to find an old apron with pockets and use it as your on the go to cleaning uniform. Next, add in your necessary cleaning supplies and your ready for some cleaning. Check out the picture above to see what it should look like.

The item is a pretty simple idea. Find or purchase a brush wand, the kind that has a refillable detergent handle. Next, fill it with half dish soap and half vinegar from your kitchen. Next time you need to clean the shower bring it in with you before during your shower. Scrub your walls first, and let it rinse off while you bath. You could also apply this same cleaning method for your sink, while brushing your teeth.

Lets now turn to our sink faucets for cleaning. Grab some Turtle Wax? Yep, you read it right. You can use it to polish your faucets. The wax will also help help protect it against water and soap buildups, which will leaving them looking clean and polished longer.

Dusting around the home is a never ending battle. So anything that can help us in this area is appreciated. If you have book shelves with out doors, you know that dust collects on a top of the books. The tip here is to add a simple cloth or linen curtain (see above) on your book shelf, just under the shelf end. This can save your from that dust that builds up on the tops of each book. You can go a little further and install a small, round spring loaded curtain rod. Place under the lip of the shelf and place a  two small curtains that can parted when entry is needed.

The last thing is the good old fashion lint remover.  Add this too your apron it will help in cleaning the dust off of your lamp shades as well your fabric couches. I have even used the back of duct tape on the harder to remove dog hair on our couches.

Home Cleaning Supply Consolidation

I would advise keeping all or most of your cleaning supplies in a single area, such as the laundry room cabinet. It really doesn’t matter where you keep these supplies, what matters is the consolidation. It never fails, when we are at the store we can’t remember if we have any more “blank.” It seems that things were so spread out before it was hard to remember what we were low on or what needed replacing. Now most of our supplies are nicely nestled in one cabinet.


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