Still behind on the spring cleaning this year? Here are a few excellent tips and tricks to help out.

  • First, use your old apron as your go to cleaning uniform. Equip it with all your cleaning supplies. Pretty cool and simple.
  • Second, use a brush wand to keep your shower clean. Fill it with half dish soap and half vinegar and boom. Next time you need to clean the shower portal, just scrub your walls first before your shower, then rinse off during your bath. That’s cool.
  • Turtle wax? Yep. Use it to polish and coat your faucets. It will help protect it against water and soap buildups.
  • How about protecting the tops of your books from dust? A simple linen curtain (see above) on your book shelf can save your from that dust that builds up on the tops of each book.
  • Last, using a lint remover can help in cleaning the dust off of your lamp shades as well your fabric couches. I have even used the back of duct tape on the harder to remove dog hair on our couches.


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