30 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome

30 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Spring and Summer

As the warm weather approaches we are thinking about our projects for the spring and summer to get our yards ready for relaxing and hosting. Here area a few ideas to get to get you inspired. ideas. It’s time to get your backyard awesome!

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DIY Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

12 DIY Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

Now that April is finally here, and we’re a couple of weeks into spring, it’s time to add some color and life to your home’s decore. Warm up your home with some colorful DIY projects. Add some color to your space with some indoor plants behind your sink or on top of your fireplace. Spruce up the couch with some colorful throw pillows or blankets. Don’t forget the walls, perhaps some colorful pieces of artwork using your child’s school works or glued puzzle with a picture frame.


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34 DIY Spring Projects Roundup

34 Spring Projects Roundup

Spring is here and everyone is looking for some great projects to do both outdoors and indoors to get your home ready. So why not check out these 34 DIY Spring Projects Roundup. There are so many projects to choose from and no matter what project you choose you will not regret it I promise you that.

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8 DIY Bird Bath Projects

8 DIY Bird Bath Projects

Bird baths are always fun to create and they are also worth every hour and penny you have invested when all those beautiful birds come to your yard this spring/summer season. So get your tools out and go check out these 8 DIY Bird Bath Projects. Than sit back and relax on your patio and enjoy the bird bath show.


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DIY Plastic Pumpkin Decorations


Plastic pumpkins from the dollar store and can of spray paint can create some nice decorative pieces. Pick the color you want, paint, let dry and decorate it how you want. Go with Gold, Silver, or which ever color fits your idea. In this sample, provided by, hip2save, they are turned into table planter pieces. You can have the kids glue on faces and decorate with there favorite stickers. Here is the finished project below.


You can also order basic diy decorations like the kit below and get the kiddos involved in making there own.


Funny Foam Mustache Pumpkin Craft Kit (Makes 12)



What a fun and colorful way to add a play table to your kids room! This ultra easy DIY LEGO table will be a perfect opportunity to brighten a room and makes a great statement piece that they’ll have for a long time! All you really need is a ton of LEGO pieces, a table and tempered glass! Make one today!

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DIY Pallet Wood Floor Plans

DIY Pallet Wood Floor Plans

Everyone knows that hardwood floor is very high priced and that giving your floors a makeover regardless of the type of flooring can cost an arm and a leg. So why not build your floor yourself with these great DIY Pallet Wood Floor Plans. Yes you can take recycled wood and turn it into your kitchen floors and they will look beautiful I promise.

It took us several weeks to put all the pallet wood down. This was not an easy task! We didn’t want a pattern on the floor but we also didn’t want the same type of pallet wood together in the same spots. We had four widths of planks. (2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch) There are so many different types of pallet wood, it was almost like putting a puzzle together without any idea of what it is suppose to look like.

We started by sorting light wood and dark wood. We then top nailed the wood down with our new dinosaur, alternating light and dark.
Doing our best to mix the textures of the wood. We ended up setting a patten by placing a row of 2″, followed by four rows of 3″, then adding a row of 4″, following again with four rows of 3″, nailing the 5″ planks and placing the last four rows of 3″ planks before the pattern started over. It worked out perfectly! Each set of the pattern was 4 feet wide.

This is where Flower Boy and I realized we are not young!
Being on our hands and knees for hours at a time is not an easy thing when you are in your 40’s! We got to the half way point in the room and ran out of prepared pallet wood!
Another lesson learned… There is a difference between board feet and square feet. This was not an issue for us, as there was other construction going on in the house at this time. The stopping point allowed the other contractors less worry of damaging the wood with the amount of traffic needed to go across the floor in order to complete their projects. It was also a time when Flower Boy was gone for training, so Drewman and I had plenty of time to prepare the remainder of the wood. Funny how things have a way of working themselves out! No need for panic!
Just look for the positive and move forward! When Flower Boy returned, the contractors were finished with their projects, Drewman and I had the rest of the planks ready AND we finished nailing the pallet wood down. Princess Sheba likes the new floor!

The floor set for a few weeks while the remainder of the construction was complete in the house. We didn’t cover it with paper to protect it. We wanted the Dust, Dirt and Grime to distress the wood. After the entire house was dust free, Flower Boy and I started the sealing process of the flooring.

We started with a liberal coat of mineral spirits. The mineral spirits cleans the pallet wood and soaks into the grain of the wood, to open it up so the sealer will penetrate and adhere.

We applied the mineral spirits with a low nap wool applicator and brushed it on around the edges of the room. When the mineral spirits were completely soaked into the wood, we then started applying the finish. The finish was applied in the same manner as the mineral spirits. We are using a product used on basketball gym floors. The product is for high traffic and resists scuff and marks. Perfect for our ranch style life!

The grain of the pallet wood popped when the floor finish was applied! With each coat applied, the floor became richer and richer in appearance. A total of four coats, of the finish, have been applied. We each have our favorite plank! Flower Boy’s is the center board in this photo. Drewman’s is the center of this one. My favorite is all the planks with the knot holes. The builder walked in the door yesterday and gasped when he saw the floor. We have had so many nay sayers and negative reactions when we were researching ways to lay this floor. We had one contractor give a bid of $12,000 to put the floor down. We never once thought this floor wouldn’t be beautiful or even thought it couldn’t be done. We are so proud of our stellar job and all that our hard work and efforts have produced!

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Hand-Crafted Native American Art and Craft Accessories

Hand-Crafted Native American Accessories Pay Homage to Nature

Santa Fe, New Mexico- August 17, 2015

Native American and Indian nation art has never been captured as beautifully as it is in this stunning collection of leather, feathers and fur accessories; the detail of nature’s beauty is magnificently embodied in the craftsmanship of these artisan leather bags, silk wing scarves, headdresses and other accessories. Choose from elegant wing tattoos that are rich with nature’s colors, handcrafted feather wing earrings with extraordinary detail, the primal wrist adornments made from sustainable rabbit, or any of the hand-tooled leather pouches crafted from 100% organic cowhide.

Native American and Indian Nation artisanship has been a long-time favorite as Bohemian accessories; these beautifully handcrafted headdresses and accessories reflect many nations of tribal art, adding a touch of class to any wardrobe. The hand tooling and detail of the individual pieces reflects the quality and homage that is paid to all that is natural.

Native Indian Nation philosophy believes that the Truth does not owe homage to humans but rather that humans owe homage to the Truth. When studied, one comes to believe that everything is related – because everything emanates from one source and everything has a purpose. If you study Mother Nature, you will find self!

At Femme Feralle, our products are 100% handcrafted.Every detailis made by hand by indigenous Mayans that we work closely with in the mountains of Guatemala. The leather is 100% sustainable and humane; our artisans raise the cows, slaughter them, tan the hides, and hand stitch every detail, even cutting each strip of fringe by hand! Even the colors and dyes used are traditional Mayan dyes.

We choose and use indigenous stones, such as jade.Jade is an amulet of good luck and friendship. It signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility, dispelling the negative and encouraging one to see themselves as they really are.

About Femme Ferralle

Visit our website today and start collecting these beautiful Native American accessories. From Navajo to Mayan designs, our selection will keep you coming back for more. We get the inspiration for our products from nature, festival culture, and indigenous art.

Each of our products pays homage to nature. Our silk scarves are designed from the heart, to honor the sacred songs and incomparable flight of our bird kin.

Go wild with our sexy and alluring natural henna tattoo wings and take fight .We believe that we are all intricately and deeply connected to the natural world and all Earthlings; these wings can be a portal to experiencing a deeper sense of that connection through embodiment.

“Aho Mitakuye Oyasin”

Every step involved in the creation of our products is Fair Trade and provides mothers the opportunity to work creatively from home. We welcome you to shop our products and add our uniquely crafted items to your collection.

DIY Bathbombs

DIY Bathbombs

If you are a bath person just like me, then you’ll love these homemade bathbombs! They are perfect accessory for an evening bath, scented with your favorite essential oils. These make a fabulous gift, especially for Mother’s Day. Package them in a pretty jar with a colorful bow and the person receiving them will fall in love with these fizzy wonders. Check out the full tutorial on making these DIY bathbombs!

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22 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love!

22 DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas She'll Love!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you are still looking for something to give her, we have 22 gift ideas. These DIY projects are a perfect gift to give to your mom, a grandmother, aunt, a friend or someone special to you. They are all handmade and will be the perfect touch to say ‘thank you’. Check out these 22 DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas she’ll love!

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DIY Lunch Box

DIY Lunch Box

Here’s a fantastic craft project from reusing an old milk jug container! Make a lunch box by cutting out the desired shape and store your lunch inside this food-safe container! This craft will cost just $1, so say goodbye to those paper brown bags. Perfect for your lunch so it won’t get squished, or storage box for your small goodies! Check out the full tutorial on DIY Lunch Box!

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DIY Soap Bars For Kids

DIY Soap Bars For Kids

One of my ultimate favorite crafts for kids is making soap. It’s a great craft tutorial for kids of all ages. The older kids are able to do it all on their own and younger ones just need a little help from the adults. The process is fun and the results make great gifts, perfect for teachers, parents, grandparents and especially at home where you can use them! They always make superb birthday party favors! Check out the DIY soap bars for kids!

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Swirl Painted Vases

DIY Swirl Painted Vases

Check out these DIY swirl painted vases! They are an incredibly easy to do DIY project with only a few supplies required. All you really need is a vase of your choosing and a few paints colors that will combine nicely – that’s it! Sit back and let the paint do its job by swirling it in the vase to create some really nice looking patterns and designs! This project is the absolutely perfect way to add some color to a room!

1. Grab your simple vases that you plan to color (Choose a more sculptural one if you want)
2. Pick out your favorite paint colors that you plan to mix and make sure it is acrylic paint
3. Start off by adding only a couple of drops in your glass vase and then mix in another color and swirl it
4. Once you have a bit of a swirl add some more drops of the other color
5. Make sure you add paint very slowly that is kinda the trick to this and do not add any water at all yet or it will not stick to the glass properly
6. If you are in the process of swirling and you find your paint way too thick and its not moving much add only a couple of drops to thin it out a bit
7. Keep twisting and turning the inside of the vase until it is completely covered in paint
8. Drain the vase completely out now so there is no paint left over inside
9. Once you have drained it all out lay it on its side until it completely dries
10. Put your favorite decor into your vases such as branches!
11. Enjoy!

DIY Lip Balms

DIY Lip Balms

If you’re like me and you go through a ton of lip balms or gloss, then you’ll love this awesome DIY lip balms project! Not only do they work incredibly well, but they smell so good! Make a bunch in a variety of flavors and package them in a pretty tube or small gift bag, with a note and give them as gifts! You’ll love this project and so will your kids! Check out the full tutorial!

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Easy DIY Fringed Placemats

Easy DIY Fringed Placemats

Your outdoor furniture deserves a makeover once in awhile doesn’t it? Here are some really easy DIY fringed placemats which make for the perfect outdoor table pads for your patio accessory and you can make it yourself! To top it all off they take no time at all to make and are actually quite cheap to make as well. They will add color and protection to your table so you can enjoy the outdoors all summer long! Create your own dining table pads today!

Materials Required:
– Scissors
– Fabric Strips and/or Ribbon
– Non-Adhesive Drawer Liners
1. Use your scissors to cut out the drawer liner to the size of your choosing for the placemat.
2. Make sure you are very creative with what you cut out such as a circle, heart or any shape you desire.
3. If you find that the holes in the drawer liner do not have a big enough opening to easily slide fabric through, Make sure you give them a bit of a cut to get them a little bit wider.
4. Now that it is wide enough slide fabric through the holes and knot it.
5. Repeat this step all around the edge of the liner.
6. Enjoy your beautiful placemats!

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