12 DIY Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

12 DIY Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home

Now that April is finally here, and we’re a couple of weeks into spring, it’s time to feel the seasons are changing. And if it’s still chilly in your city like mine, than you can at least warm up your home with some colorful DIY projects. Check out these 12 DIY Ways to Bring Spring into Your Home and turn up the heat.

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34 DIY Spring Projects Roundup

34 Spring Projects Roundup

Spring is here and everyone is looking for some great projects to do both outdoors and indoors to get your home ready. So why not check out these 34 DIY Spring Projects Roundup. There are so many projects to choose from and no matter what project you choose you will not regret it I promise you that.

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8 DIY Bird Bath Projects

8 DIY Bird Bath Projects

Bird baths are always fun to create and they are also worth every hour and penny you have invested when all those beautiful birds come to your yard this spring/summer season. So get your tools out and go check out these 8 DIY Bird Bath Projects. Than sit back and relax on your patio and enjoy the bird bath show.

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Place some potted plants around your room to add a bit of nature

Place some potted plants around your room to add a bit of nature

Looking for a way to redecorate your dorm or bedroom? Here are some of the best 26 cheap and easy ways to have the best dorm room ever! Your room should make a statement of who you are so make your space into your own and and check out how to place some potted plants around your room to add a bit of nature!

Here is the link to potted place around room.

Potted Plants to add nature

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DIY Pumpkin Creature – Teddy Bear

Pumpkin Creature Teddy Bear

Simple DIY Pumpkin Teddy Bear Creature. Pick up multiple sizes orange pumpkins for the body, legs, arms, ears, etc.

Basic instructions:

1. To make the body, attach a medium-size pumpkin to a larger pumpkin with a 3/4-inch wooden dowel (use a drill to make holes in each).
2. For the arms and legs, cut the top off of orange gourds, hollow out, and attach to pumpkin body with 1/2-inch wooden dowels.
3. Use Jack Be Little pumpkins for the face. Cut one in half for the ears, cut two in half for the eyes (use the pumpkin tops with stem). Make bear’s snout with a small orange pumpkin, halved and hollowed out. Attach to head with bamboo skewers.

Here are some other examples of what you can create as well. Good luck.

great-pumpkin-ants tortoise-pumpkin

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52 Ways to Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal

52 Ways to Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal

Today’s real estate market can be crazy. But improving your curb appeal can help you get the price that you want for the house that you are selling. Here is a list of 52 great ideas for improving your curb appeal on your home.

1. Hide your Garden Hose in an Attractive Planter

2. Reface Your Foundation

3. Update Your Address Numbers

4. Repave Your Driveway

5. Add a Pathway

6. Add Shutters

7. Add Personalized Planters

8. Add a Trellis Above the Garage Door

9. Buy a New Front Door

10. Add Window Boxes

11. Camouflage Eyesores

12. Add Mulch to Your Existing Garden Beds

13. Paint Your Front Door

14. Cover an old concrete stoop with pavers

15. Create a Container Garden

16. Update your Mailbox

17. Create a Seating Area in Your Front Porch

18. Put in a Fence

19. Update your Front Porch Light

20. Replace Your Garage Door

21. Paint your Garage Door

22. Add New Hardware to Your Front Door

23. Add Hardware to your Garage

24. Add Interesting Pieces to your Yard like an archway or bird bath

25. Add Symmetry to Your Front Door

26. Add Cute Welcome Mat

27. Paint the Exterior of your House

28. Add an Arbor

29. Paint your Trim

30. Power wash the Exterior of your Home

31. Clean your Windows

32. Plant a Tree or Two

33. Add a Door Knocker

34. Pull Weeds

35. Tile your Front Porch

36. Replace or Repair you Gutters

37. Upgrade your Porch or Deck Railing

38. Dress up your Dormer

39. Add Windows to your Garage

40. Add Molding to Your Front Door

41. Edge Your Driveway

42. Add Light to your Walkways

43. Window Treatments that Compliment the Exterior of the House

44. Paint your front stoop

45. Build a Berm

46. Replace Door Threshold

47. Get rid of dead and dying plants

48. Clean Your Roof

49. Replace Damaged Shingles

50. Pruned Landscape

51. Cute Patio Furniture

52. Manicured Lawn

DIY Address Sign Monogram

DIY Address Sign Monogram

I love this neat idea in customizing your address sign with this chevron monogram! Great way to add some uniqueness within your community and have your home personalized. Purchase your letter and your address numbers, paint them to your color of choice, and add a funky design such as chevron. This super easy project will add a beautiful custom flare to your home! Check out the DIY address sign monogram!

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24 DIY Wine Bottle Centerpiece Ideas

24 DIY Wine Bottle Centerpiece Ideas

Here is another really brilliant centerpiece idea. Have fun with the idea this spring and add some plants to the side of your wine bottle. Whats great about this idea is not just a plain stick a flower in a wine bottle idea. It is very unique and stylish and warms your home with some more spring flowers.

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DIY Reclaimed Wood Beam Planter Bench

DIY Reclaimed Wood Beam Planter Bench

Looking for a really easy project that will make a huge impact on your outdoor living space? Give this DIY Reclaimed Wood Beam Planter Bench a try! I just love all these reuse and recycle projects they really put things you once called junk to work for you.

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10 Awesome DIY Ways To Use Mason Jars

10 Awesome DIY Ways To Use Mason Jars

Here are some more really great ways to put those drinking vessel you have to great use. I have featured my favorite flower pot idea because I love the color and the flowers add a really nice touch to the whole spring is here theme. Get your mason jars ready and try these 10 Awesome DIY Ways To Use Mason Jars.

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5 Affordable Bar Carts

5 Affordable Bar Carts

Looking for some really affordable bar carts? Well we found some really great ones that you can place pretty much anywhere. I always find when we have too many guest over we run out of space on the kitchen island or coffee tables so we end up using little bar carts for our guests to pretty much pass the drinks around on a cart.

1. The Raskog Kitchen Cart is a great option for people with not much square footage. Buy your own at IKEA for $49.

2. The Adesso Cosmopolitan Serving Cart a more contemporary vibe. Buy one at Wayfair for $152.

3. Next up we have the Formosa Tray Table from CB2. Not as much storage space but has great style. Buy it at CB2 for $50.

4. The Espresso Entertainment Cart from Target would be perfect for someone who needs lots of storage for bottles and glassware. Buy one from Target for $146.

5. Lastly, the Whisper Serving Cart will satisfy anyone with a taste for more classic shapes and materials. Buy it from AllModern for $76.

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DIY Thumbtack Ampersand Wall Art

DIY Thumbtack Ampersand Wall Art

Turn something completely normal into a thing of art. This DIY Thumbtack Ampersand Wall Art idea is a great way to add some color and decor to any wall in your home. Pick a color, some sort of thing or object to map out and start your thumbtack wall art today!

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DIY Sand Memory Art

DIY Sand Memory Art

Here is some more really great decor for your home that has some personality to it. Remember those hand prints you used to make when you were young. Well these are a similar idea but made with sand. Draw any design you like or create any word you want and post that DIY Sand Memory Art on your walls. Love it!


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DIY Easter Egg Planters

DIY Easter Egg Planters

Here are some really great DIY Easter Egg Planters that you can start before Easter. Whats great about this project is they are really really family friendly so you can enjoy making them with the whole family. Choose your Easter crafts wisely this year and make sure you plant these herbs about 5-7 days before you are ready to try this.

Easter Ideas

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DIY Leaf Cutting Art

DIY Leaf Cutting Art

Here are some really great leaf cutting art ideas done by Lorenzo Manuel Duran. I have a couple of friends that do leaf cutting as a hobby and they put their finished products in picture frames or sealed away in some sort of container for others to preview. Its a really neat hobby that anyone can take on with some practice.

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