What a fun and colorful way to add a play table to your kids room! This ultra easy DIY LEGO table will be a perfect opportunity to brighten a room and makes a great statement piece that they’ll have for a long time! All you really need is a ton of LEGO pieces, a table and tempered glass! Make one today!

DIY Ideas

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52 Ways to Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal

52 Ways to Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal

Today’s real estate market can be crazy. But improving your curb appeal can help you get the price that you want for the house that you are selling. Here is a list of 52 great ideas for improving your curb appeal on your home.

1. Hide your Garden Hose in an Attractive Planter

2. Reface Your Foundation

3. Update Your Address Numbers

4. Repave Your Driveway

5. Add a Pathway

6. Add Shutters

7. Add Personalized Planters

8. Add a Trellis Above the Garage Door

9. Buy a New Front Door

10. Add Window Boxes

11. Camouflage Eyesores

12. Add Mulch to Your Existing Garden Beds

13. Paint Your Front Door

14. Cover an old concrete stoop with pavers

15. Create a Container Garden

16. Update your Mailbox

17. Create a Seating Area in Your Front Porch

18. Put in a Fence

19. Update your Front Porch Light

20. Replace Your Garage Door

21. Paint your Garage Door

22. Add New Hardware to Your Front Door

23. Add Hardware to your Garage

24. Add Interesting Pieces to your Yard like an archway or bird bath

25. Add Symmetry to Your Front Door

26. Add Cute Welcome Mat

27. Paint the Exterior of your House

28. Add an Arbor

29. Paint your Trim

30. Power wash the Exterior of your Home

31. Clean your Windows

32. Plant a Tree or Two

33. Add a Door Knocker

34. Pull Weeds

35. Tile your Front Porch

36. Replace or Repair you Gutters

37. Upgrade your Porch or Deck Railing

38. Dress up your Dormer

39. Add Windows to your Garage

40. Add Molding to Your Front Door

41. Edge Your Driveway

42. Add Light to your Walkways

43. Window Treatments that Compliment the Exterior of the House

44. Paint your front stoop

45. Build a Berm

46. Replace Door Threshold

47. Get rid of dead and dying plants

48. Clean Your Roof

49. Replace Damaged Shingles

50. Pruned Landscape

51. Cute Patio Furniture

52. Manicured Lawn

Soda Cupcakes

Soda Cupcakes

Pour the entire can of Sierra Cranberry Mist soda into a mixing bowl then add your cupcake mix. Whisk until most lumps are gone and mixture looks consistent and loose. Add mixture into cupcake or muffin liners, about half or little more full. Then your ready to bake, following the baking instructions on the cupcake mix box.

Soda Can Cupcakes

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DIY Boat Bed – Beds With Storage

DIY Boat Bed

Need a new bed with storage design in your home? How about a bed that looks like a boat? Your kids will love this idea. Check out this DIY Boat Bed tutorial and make a bed in your home look exactly like a boat. Yes it has all the storage compartments you want and it is perfect for a small bedroom. Incorporate one of these beds with storage into your home!

Step 1: Design and Materials

I’m not much for making a real exact drawing of what I build. I tend to just go for it. So for this project I did a basic sketch (on paper) with the mattress dimensions, finished height, and the space I had to work with. Then I just used my tape measure and eye-balled the shape I wanted. Another big design factor was that I wanted to be able to take it apart easily if I end up moving in the next two years. So that made it a little more difficult. As I went along in the project I had to make a few minor adjustments in my original dimensions to allow for plywood bending and for the tools I had on hand.

I up-cycled a lot of materials from other projects (crib) and stuff I had on hand. I did buy one sheet of 5/8″ ply for the mattress to sit on and 2 sheets of 1/8″ to cover the boat. The structure is made mostly from 3/4″material. Plus paint and Polyurethane. Nails, screws glue…all the basics.

Tools used:
Circular saw
Jig saw
Cordless drill
Palm sander (random orbit)
Japanese style pull saw
Various drill bits
Tape measure
Quick clamps

Step 2: Build the frame

I drew the profile of the side of the “boat” full size on some poster board material and used it as my pattern(pic 1). This is the exact profile on the rear of the boat. I then cut out four of those, two for each side. These are the rear most uprights. As they get closer to the front they needed to be taller for the gentle curve from aft to prow. So I moved my pattern up 3/4″ for two more and then an inch more for the final two. I glued and screwed them to a 1×4 that is 2 inches longer that the mattress.

Then I drew the pattern on to some 1/2 inch ply I had (crib) and figured the width of the bed/boat based on the mattress width. I temporarily screwed that to the back to Hold the sides up(pic 3). I cut one for the front also but based on the uprights on the front.

I then put a 1×2 on top of the notch I had planned out on my pattern. Glue and screw everything.

You can kind of see in the pics how I progressively figured out the shape of the boat.

Step 3: Put on top rails

Rip your top rail to overlap the 1/8″ plywood sheeting. Then I used a 5/16″ drill bit to counter sink where I would screw straight down into the uprights. Pre drill everything so you don’t split anything. Glue and screw.

Nice curve. right?

Step 4: Start the Prow

This was a bit tricky. I had to kind of just eye-ball where I wanted the prow to end up without making the boat too long in overall length for my sons room. I also wanted it to be big enough for storing a comforter. First I laid a piece of 1/2″ ply on the ground.

Then I held the 2×4 up at an angle to see where it should go and then marked and cut it. Then I got a better idea of where it would end up. I then sketched the curve on to the ply that is sitting on the ground for the bottom of the prow and cut it out with a jigsaw.

After I made sure the curve was nice I screwed the 2/4 in through the bottom.

Step 5: Finish top of prow

I had to then figure out where the top of the prow should be so I bent a board from front to back with an approximation of the curve of the rails. Then I cut it on that mark.

I then used two 1×8’s from the front of the rails to the prow. I clamped them in place and then freehand drew the curve on to the top side. Then I cut out one with the jigsaw and tested it on both sides. Once it fit well I flipped it over and traced out onto the other board, cut it out, and then fit them into place.

I flipped the prow over on to a work bench and fit the 2×2 uprights into place. Once it all lined up good I used a quarter round bit and routed all the edges.

Step 6: Cover the sides

I used 1/8″ plywood to cover the boat. My dad built a kayak out of 1/4″ ply so I figured this would be plenty strong for a fake boat. Once it was all glued up and dry it was surprisingly strong and light.

For the side panels I wanted 4 “boards” to run up the length of the boat. I divided the front and back uprights into four equal parts which would be the bottom of each board. Then I ripped the ply with the jigsaw because I wanted kind of a rough old boat look.
Starting at the bottom I glued and nailed the ply onto the frame, gluing along the entire length of the overlap also. The overlap didn’t want to stay tight together so I used a couple of 1″ screws to hold it together until the glue dried. Later I removed them and filled the holes.

The top “board” of ply has that slight curve in it that runs along the top rail of the entire boat. I clamped that piece of ply where the bottom should go and scribed the back side with the curve. Then I cut it out carefully with the jigsaw.

Step 7: Cover the prow

This was probably the most difficult part of the whole project. Kind of hard to describe how I did it and I was in a rush to finish before it rained so there is only one pic.

Because of the more aggressive curve around the prow I ran the ply across the grain because it bends more readily that way. They also make “bendy ply” that would have been great for this but I couldn’t get ahold of any.

Again I marked all the uprights where the bottom of the board should be. Then I made an 18″ cut of ply and just held up in place more or less and marked the angle along the 2×4. Once the angle was cut then I could clamp it in place and draw the curve onto the back side using my bottom of board marks and adding and inch. I only needed to figure out one side and cut the reverse for the other. Each “board” has a different radius because the prow widens towards the top. I just let the boards run long and trimmed them with a hand saw flush with the back of the prow.

Step 8: Secret panel

I had a rough idea of how I was going to make a secret panel that would lift out when something else was pushed or pulled. I used a thin kerf Japanese style pull saw to cut the top rail where the panel would lift up.

Then I built a basic drawer that served as the panel. It took some trial and error to figure out the mechanics but it’s just basically two eyelets screwed in to the bottom of the 1×2 that has a rope that runs through it. When you push down on the flag pull it pulls on the rope that raises the panel. Simple as that!

Perfect place for a iPad…and some how-to books….

Step 9: Secret drawer

From the beginning I wanted a name plate to have my son’s name on it so I decided to make it open up. I just built a tiny drawer with a back that extended up above the sides so when in place the drawer couldn’t be pulled out to far and fall.

Stained the front. Printed out a font I liked and transferred it on to the wood. Painted it with watered down acrylics. Polyurethaned the whole thing at the end. Added some brass rivets to the front corners to make it look like it’s bolted on the bolt and can’t be moved.

Step 10: Banket storage

I used the space in the prow to hide comforters and large stuff like that. Used another scrap piece of ply from the crib. I trimmed it out and put some hinges and a handle on it. I’ll eventually put something to hold it up while it is open but for now my son isn’t going to be able to open it on his own for a couple of years.

Step 11: Finish

I stained the top rails and the inside of the side where the mattress will sit. Then painted the outside of the boat solid green. Once the green dried I dry brushed dark green and white in that order to give it a weathered look. I also dry brushed white onto the stained wood to also weather it. I used a damp rag to soften the contrast of the white.
Then I painted with the dark green to paint on moss to give it more detail.

Then I sprayed the whole thing with satin finish polyurethane. I didn’t want gloss because…I don’t like gloss 🙂 and I wanted it to look old.

Step 12: Add some trees

Once I installed it it looked kind of lonely all by itself in his room. So I took some dried eucalyptus branches I had sitting around for another idea I had for the bed (was going to make a rustic loft bed but transportability…) And leaned them in the corners. Once I knew where I wanted them I screwed them together so they wouldn’t move if my son pulls on them. Then the sticks looked kind of lonely so I painted some in too. That filled it in a little more.

Then….twinkle lights.

That’s it…Go to bed.

Step 13: Jolly Roger

I added a Jolly Roger flag to the pole to make it a little more fun.
I used a piece of black canvas, white colored pencil and some white acrylic paint. When it was dry I added a piece of grey board to stiffen it a little more on the backside and then tacked it to the flag pole with some upholstery tacks.

All done!

Step 14: Secret compartments overview

Here’s just a review of the secret spaces I’ve included.

1. Hidden panel that raises when flag pole is pushed down
2. Drawer behind name plate
3. Hatch in prow of boat for comforter
4. Panel under mattress lifts up

Thanks for reading!

Laundry Room Organizer – Drawers Between your Washer and Dryer

31. Wicker Laundry Organizer Between Washer Dryer Drawers

Most laundry rooms or areas are fairly tight leaving folks trying to figure out where to put supplies. We found a great solution, if you have a little extra room. Above is great example of an upright drawer organizer for all of you laundry supplies. Its stands about 34 inches and is a little more than 8 inches wide. It sure will will help free up some space and get you clutter into their own home.

Ultra-slim Plastic Chest

Accordion Drying Rack for Laundry Room

28. This Accordion Drying Rack

Short on space and need a drying rack solution. Check the example out above. Most laundry rooms have no room for any drying racks. The most common solution is having a cable running across the top of you room from where you can hang cloths. The accordion style rack is a pretty nifty secondary solution. However, if you’re looking to hang items that will surpass its weight limit of 20 lbs, then you may want to look into other solutions. Lastly, be sure to use the proper hardware to mount the drying rack on your wall to support the weight of the unit, any clothing and items that may be on the unit.

Accordion Drying Rack

DIY Pallet Wood Floor Plans

DIY Pallet Wood Floor Plans

Everyone knows that hardwood floor is very high priced and that giving your floors a makeover regardless of the type of flooring can cost an arm and a leg. So why not build your floor yourself with these great DIY Pallet Wood Floor Plans. Yes you can take recycled wood and turn it into your kitchen floors and they will look beautiful I promise.

It took us several weeks to put all the pallet wood down. This was not an easy task! We didn’t want a pattern on the floor but we also didn’t want the same type of pallet wood together in the same spots. We had four widths of planks. (2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch) There are so many different types of pallet wood, it was almost like putting a puzzle together without any idea of what it is suppose to look like.

We started by sorting light wood and dark wood. We then top nailed the wood down with our new dinosaur, alternating light and dark.
Doing our best to mix the textures of the wood. We ended up setting a patten by placing a row of 2″, followed by four rows of 3″, then adding a row of 4″, following again with four rows of 3″, nailing the 5″ planks and placing the last four rows of 3″ planks before the pattern started over. It worked out perfectly! Each set of the pattern was 4 feet wide.

This is where Flower Boy and I realized we are not young!
Being on our hands and knees for hours at a time is not an easy thing when you are in your 40’s! We got to the half way point in the room and ran out of prepared pallet wood!
Another lesson learned… There is a difference between board feet and square feet. This was not an issue for us, as there was other construction going on in the house at this time. The stopping point allowed the other contractors less worry of damaging the wood with the amount of traffic needed to go across the floor in order to complete their projects. It was also a time when Flower Boy was gone for training, so Drewman and I had plenty of time to prepare the remainder of the wood. Funny how things have a way of working themselves out! No need for panic!
Just look for the positive and move forward! When Flower Boy returned, the contractors were finished with their projects, Drewman and I had the rest of the planks ready AND we finished nailing the pallet wood down. Princess Sheba likes the new floor!

The floor set for a few weeks while the remainder of the construction was complete in the house. We didn’t cover it with paper to protect it. We wanted the Dust, Dirt and Grime to distress the wood. After the entire house was dust free, Flower Boy and I started the sealing process of the flooring.

We started with a liberal coat of mineral spirits. The mineral spirits cleans the pallet wood and soaks into the grain of the wood, to open it up so the sealer will penetrate and adhere.

We applied the mineral spirits with a low nap wool applicator and brushed it on around the edges of the room. When the mineral spirits were completely soaked into the wood, we then started applying the finish. The finish was applied in the same manner as the mineral spirits. We are using a product used on basketball gym floors. The product is for high traffic and resists scuff and marks. Perfect for our ranch style life!

The grain of the pallet wood popped when the floor finish was applied! With each coat applied, the floor became richer and richer in appearance. A total of four coats, of the finish, have been applied. We each have our favorite plank! Flower Boy’s is the center board in this photo. Drewman’s is the center of this one. My favorite is all the planks with the knot holes. The builder walked in the door yesterday and gasped when he saw the floor. We have had so many nay sayers and negative reactions when we were researching ways to lay this floor. We had one contractor give a bid of $12,000 to put the floor down. We never once thought this floor wouldn’t be beautiful or even thought it couldn’t be done. We are so proud of our stellar job and all that our hard work and efforts have produced!

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15 Unique and Innovative Wall Hooks

When it comes to doing things yourself or home decor, it typically comes down to what you have on hand. You can pretty much create any number of unique home decor ideas by recycling or re-purposing things you have laying around the house or the garage. So I decided today to focus on 15 unique and innovative wall hooks that you can make yourself with materials that you may have laying around. What’s great about these wall hooks is that they are both home decoration ideas and are also fully functional so you can use them to hang just about anything such as towels, coats, or even some decorative items.

15-Unique-and-Innovative-Wall-Hooks (1)

We have found quite a few different wall hooks that you can make on your own and are completely unique and very easy to recreate for your home. These wide variation of hooks can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, the kids’ rooms or anywhere in your home that you need them or just want more places to hang things.

Old-Fashioned Rake Wall Hook

Head into your garage and grab one of those old rakes because it can be easily turned into a really great hanger for either wine glasses or coats! Make sure you sand the rake down a little bit if there is some rust on it or even leave it if you prefer the rustic look, the choose is yours. Other option for reusing an old fashioned rake hanger is to put one in a bedroom. They make a perfect jewellery holder, and perfect for hanging necklaces. And to top it all off this idea will cost you very little if anything at all and it will only take you a few minutes to create this masterpiece.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Lifehacker

Old-Fashioned-Rake-Wall-Hook (1)

Faucet Handle Wall Hangers

Whats a better hanger than those faucets handles you have for your water hose? A perfect hanger for your garden shed, garage or even inside your home! And even if you do not have any laying around, you can always head on over to a yard sale or thrift store to find one. The whole process of building these is quite simple. Basically, you just need to attach the faucet handles to a wooden board via a screw or just stick them directly to the wall. It’s all about being decorative and functional all at the same time!

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Thisoldhouse


Recycled Wooden Hangers

Have old wood hangers laying around the house? So why not put them to good use by creating this really unique hanger. Hang whatever you like on these hangers including clothes, towels, scarves, belts or whatever your heart desires. What’s also great about this project is that you can use broken hangers as well since you only need half of the hangers, so this is a really great way to re-purpose them.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Alittleglassbox


Unique Paint Brush Hangers

Have any paint brushes laying around the house? Well we have found a great re purposing project for you. This project turns a regular old paint brush into a whimsical wall hanger. And this project is really easy, you just have to leave just enough paint on your brush to harden it. therefor, the hardened paint is what makes the actual hook itself. If you have an office or art studio, this idea would suit your office just perfectly! You can even use this idea to hang things in your office like painting supplies.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Apartmenttherapy

Don’t have time to create a wall hook. Check out a few DIY Wall Hook Installation Kits.


Bent Wrench Wall Hangers

Need some really great decor ideas and hangers in your garage? Check out this wrench wall hanger idea which takes your old wrenches and turns them into both unique decor and a hanger for anything laying around. The idea is very simple. Just bend the wrench upward then attach it to the wall. Wrenches are typically heavier than the average wall hanger so you can hang really heavy items on them. Some popular items you can hang are tool boxes or garden tools. Pretty much anything you would typically store in a garden shed or a garage. These also make great hangers for a boy’s room as well.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Etsy


Flattening Trowel Re-purposed Wall Hook

Check out this unique trowel wall hook idea! The project is more or less just painting it whatever color you like and hanging it. If your looking for a more rustic look, you can sand it or paint it a bit of a white color similar to this image, but really, any color will do depending on your wall color. These wall hooks work really well for towels or inside closet doors for your bathrobes.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Mamiejanes


Bed Headboard Wall Hangers

Who would have thought that an old headboard you have in storage could be used as a wall hanger! If you don’t happen to have a spare one, you can usually find one for a decent price at a flea market or yard/garage sale. This project requires you to stain it, paint it, and clean it up then add the hooks as required. This bed headboard wall hanger can be used for many different things including a coat rack, towel rack or you could even hang quite a few kitchen items from it as well. Whats great about this idea is that its very unique, decorative and you can get as creative as you like with this project by decorating them.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Knickoftimeinteriors


Modern Spindle Wall Hooks

Once you are done with the thread on those wooden spindles, make sure you keep them for this great project. These beautiful and modern spindle wall hooks are pretty simple to design. All you need to do is attach a dowel to the wall with screws and just add the spool over the dowel afterwards. Change up the size of the spool for some different looks and designs. You will find that these are perfects for sewing rooms, reading rooms, or simply to hang things in your entryways or hallways.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Athomeinlove


Perfume Lid Wall Hangers

Make sure the next time you finish up with that perfume bottle that you keep the lid. You can actually create some really nice looking wall hangers from the lids. But heads up, to complete this project you will also need a wine cork so make sure you keep some around the next time you finish a bottle of wine. The low cost of this project is what shines the most because it only requires perfume caps and corks which most women have. So stick that cork in that cap and screw it to the wall and be impressed with the unique design and innovation in this project.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Ohohblog


Copper Pipe Wall Hooks

Here is another really great project which will give you that elegant and modern look for wall hooks. I find that copper is an extremely strong metal so you can hang some heavier things on these copper pipes. So once you do, add these to your kitchen and feel free to hang your heavy pans or pots. This project is relatively easy to complete and does not take a lot of time either.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Homemydesign


Light Bulb Wall Hangers

When your light bulbs start to dim or burn out remember not to throw them away. Why you ask? Because this project is a great way to re-purpose them as wall hangers. You will need a little bit of concrete and time to accomplish this project but overall, it is not a very difficult or expensive project. The look and uniqueness of these Light Bulb Wall Hangers is amazing!

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Instructables


Kitchen Cutlery Wall Hangers

Everyone has those old mismatched knives, spoons and forks laying in their kitchen drawers. Convert them into a beautiful pieces of art with a wall hanger! There are 2 options you can do with this project. Option 1: Attach the cutlery to a board then attach the board to the wall. Option 2: Attach them directly to the wall. These cutlery wall hangers work extremely well in kitchens or in hallways beside the kitchens and you can hang just about anything from purses, coats or aprons. Don’t forget to paint them as well to match the color or decor that is in your kitchen.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Realsimple


Tree Branch Wall Hooks

Have a green thumb or you just love trees? Well this is just the project for you! Create a rustic looking branch wall hook for hanging your coats! You have the option of doing multiple branches or a single branch depending on how many hooks you need or things you would like to hang in that area. You can paint them to whatever color you like and don’t worry because if you mess up, with this project there is always plenty of branches outside that you can start over with. The cost of this project is extremely low as you are re-purposing a tree branch.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Scandinaviandeko


Door Knob Hangers

Door knobs are one of the best hangers. They have the perfect shape for hanging little things and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. If you have old rustic looking ones, they would look great being placed in different rooms or even mix match them with more modern looking door knobs. You can hang anything from coats, to purses or simply to hang towels.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Thehouseofsmiths


Nursery Toy Colorful Wall Hooks

Every kid typically has nursery toys they may not play with anymore, so why not paint them a bright color and re-purpose them into a wall hook which will work in any child’s room! This also works especially well for toys that are broken and you have no use for them anymore. You could use various types of toys such as animals or just a standard hard rubber toys. This is a very easy project to take on and honestly it will only take you an hour or 2 to complete.

DIY Project Instructions and Credit – Sayyes


Machine Stretch Wrap

Machine Stretch Wrap

SNAPCO Industrial Supplies are experts in packaging supplies, industrial supplies and consultancy. We have extensive stock of stretch wrap, pallet wrap, power tools, polythene products, metalworking fluids and other industrial products. Snapco is a great place that sells machine stretch wrap to anyone that is tired of manual stretch wrap labor. By using machine stretch wrap you will be able to free up the intense labor required to manually wrap whatever it is that you are wrapping and businesses will be able to perform other duties throughout the day which can provide your business huge gains and returns on investments across the board. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our industrial supplies.

Stretch Wrap Supplies

Using a Day Bed as Pull Out Toy Storage

16. Use the Day Bed Concept To Put Pull Out Toys

Talk about a great idea if you have kids. Toys are everywhere and they just keep coming. First weed out all the toys that never get attention and donate immediately. Second, organize toys for your child or children and get them in the habit of cleaning and knowing where all their toys belong. Using a storage system like the above example is a great way to hide away some bulky toys, or large sets, and free up other, much needed spaces.


Another great example of under the bed storage is this under the bed, book-library storage unit. Pretty cool stuff. What other items could you put into drawer unit under the bed? Get those ideas flowing. We found a few basic under bed storage units on Amazon that you can check out for ideas as well.

DIY Bookshelf Under The Bed

Hand-Crafted Native American Art and Craft Accessories

Hand-Crafted Native American Accessories Pay Homage to Nature

Santa Fe, New Mexico- August 17, 2015

Native American and Indian nation art has never been captured as beautifully as it is in this stunning collection of leather, feathers and fur accessories; the detail of nature’s beauty is magnificently embodied in the craftsmanship of these artisan leather bags, silk wing scarves, headdresses and other accessories. Choose from elegant wing tattoos that are rich with nature’s colors, handcrafted feather wing earrings with extraordinary detail, the primal wrist adornments made from sustainable rabbit, or any of the hand-tooled leather pouches crafted from 100% organic cowhide.

Native American and Indian Nation artisanship has been a long-time favorite as Bohemian accessories; these beautifully handcrafted headdresses and accessories reflect many nations of tribal art, adding a touch of class to any wardrobe. The hand tooling and detail of the individual pieces reflects the quality and homage that is paid to all that is natural.

Native Indian Nation philosophy believes that the Truth does not owe homage to humans but rather that humans owe homage to the Truth. When studied, one comes to believe that everything is related – because everything emanates from one source and everything has a purpose. If you study Mother Nature, you will find self!

At Femme Feralle, our products are 100% handcrafted.Every detailis made by hand by indigenous Mayans that we work closely with in the mountains of Guatemala. The leather is 100% sustainable and humane; our artisans raise the cows, slaughter them, tan the hides, and hand stitch every detail, even cutting each strip of fringe by hand! Even the colors and dyes used are traditional Mayan dyes.

We choose and use indigenous stones, such as jade.Jade is an amulet of good luck and friendship. It signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility, dispelling the negative and encouraging one to see themselves as they really are.

About Femme Ferralle

Visit our website today and start collecting these beautiful Native American accessories. From Navajo to Mayan designs, our selection will keep you coming back for more. We get the inspiration for our products from nature, festival culture, and indigenous art.

Each of our products pays homage to nature. Our silk scarves are designed from the heart, to honor the sacred songs and incomparable flight of our bird kin.

Go wild with our sexy and alluring natural henna tattoo wings and take fight .We believe that we are all intricately and deeply connected to the natural world and all Earthlings; these wings can be a portal to experiencing a deeper sense of that connection through embodiment.

“Aho Mitakuye Oyasin”

Every step involved in the creation of our products is Fair Trade and provides mothers the opportunity to work creatively from home. We welcome you to shop our products and add our uniquely crafted items to your collection.

10 Organization Tips for Back to School

10 Organization Tips for Back to School

It is that time of year again, Back to School. What does that mean? The general sense of craziness, super busy mornings, and can’t forget the homework that never found its way into your kids bags. While some parents cannot wait till their kids go back, others, does not look forward to the beginning of the school year from the stress of getting your kids up and out the door every single morning of the week.

Well for every issue there is always a solution. Today we decided to take some time to put together a couple of organizing tips that will help you get back on your feet for the back to school stress. Anywhere from keeping those homework assignments better organized so they can make their way into your kids bags , to planning what your kids will wear to school the night before we will make sure that you are able to put all these organizing ideas to work for you. So don’t worry just sit back, relax and enjoy because we got you covered on the back school front.

Load Up on School Supplies

From what many of us have discovered, last minute errands never go as smoothly. Have you ever had a situation where your child decides to tell you last minute that they are out of some type of stationary supply such as pens, pencils or paper which causes you to run around the house looking for supplies at the last hour? So why not just completely avoid these types of situations by stocking up on everything your child needs and keep an excess supply stash in the home! This will save you from having to run out to your local store at midnight, the day before your kid has a project that they need to start the next morning. And while you are at it, you can organize these supplies in a fashion so you know exactly what to restock and when.

All Available on Amazon

Load Up on School Supplies

Binder Clips for Organizing Papers

Organizing school papers can be a real hassle especially when everything is in one massive pile of paper. That is why keeping labeled binder clips around are a great way to keep those papers that need to be returned to the teacher, notes, projects or school subjects, stacked and in an organized fashion. Stay organized and know exactly what needs to be done with each piece of paper. Plus binder clips are very cheap and to top it all off, you can hang them in pretty much any area to make sure that your homework is ready at a moments notice.
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Binder Clips for Organizing Papers

Backpacks with a Personality

So what happens at school when all kids show up with the same black, blue or pink backpacks? Sounds rare but it is not rare at all. Make sure you keep your kids backpacks personalized, unique and really easy to find when compared to the typical backpacks you see everyday. It will make you and your kids lives much easier as your child will always be able find their backpack and you will not have to worry about it getting lost or confused with another classmates. This really simple project of cross-stitch and embroidery will do the trick. Write their name on their backpack or stencil and paint, whatever is easiest! And always remember to keep a couple of command hooks at your front door so your kids never forget their backpacks at home as well.
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Backpacks with a Personality

Lunch Money Hanging From Neck

Whats the worst that can happen when you give your child money to buy lunch? Well there are quite a few things that can happen when they stick that $5 bill in their small, unsecured pocket. It could get lost, fallen out, or even worse, they might forget to grab it in the first place. So why not take away the stress and worries, by creating a very unique locket for your kids. To top it off this is one of those projects that you can build together with your child which can be really fun. Decorate and design your locket however you like and your child will want to show it off to all their friends and their lunch money will be safe inside.
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Lunch Money Hanging From Neck

Future Planning for Breakfast

A lot of parents resort to the really easy cheap meals for your kids like high sugary snacks or other less healthy cereal options, so why not take the time to plan out a more nutritious warm meals for your child? I have always found foods such as English muffins stuffed with green and red peppers, slices of turkey breast, cheese, and egg to be much more filling and nutritious. What I typically do is put all the ingredients together ahead of time in a zip-lock bag and freeze them so you can pop them in the oven in the morning. Have their breakfast pre-made in your freezer ready to go at a moments notice. Save yourself the time and stress and just reach in your freezer to heat up a warm and nutritious meal.
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Future Planning for Breakfast

Get Their Clothing Organized

Have you ever thought about organizing your kids clothes the Sunday even before the week begins? It take a lot of the time and frustration out of the mornings when everything is so rush-rush. Typically it will only take you a few minutes to get all the clothes organized plus your kids will have their clothes ready to roll for the next 5 days. Honestly you will be completely surprised how much time and effort you will save.
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Get Their Clothing Organized

Setup a Good Routine

There are so many back to school tasks that you will need to get ready for. Just off the top of my head making sure all homework is done and ready for the next day and getting your kids ready for bed so they can wake up with tonnes of energy. So why not get yourself a schedule. These really nice schedules do exactly that. They allow you to keep tabs on important things that need to get done. Basically it is just a checklist that you can go through and check everytime something is done. These zero-stress scheduler is just a really useful way of keeping tabs on the important things your kids need to do.
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Setup a Good Routine

Get Lunches Ready Before Hand

It is always easier to get your child’s lunches done beforehand rather than in the mornings. Make their lunches the night before if it is not something that stays fresh, otherwise organize it ahead of time on the weekend so you do not have worry about it during the week. Just remember it only takes a few minutes to get everything organized for the next day.
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Get Lunches Ready Before Hand

Prepare a Snack Section in the Fridge

Snacks are one of those things that are required to be organized to keep yourself from stressing throughout the week. Organize trays of healthier snacks in the fridge so they are always available for grab and go. Try not to grab those small bags of chips for the kids, instead grab something more healthy which will provide them with not only important vitamins but energy throughout their day. Try putting small bags of snacks such as cheerios, carrots, apple slices or even pretzels into small totes and make sure you keep fruits and cheese sticks ready to grab at a moments notice.
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Prepare a Snack Section in Fridge

Plan Ahead of Time

Keeping your days planned and organized is one of those things that are also required to keep you from going crazy on those busy weeks. Know what is going to happen before it happens. Either buy or create a family planner. Creating one is really not hard at all. All you need is a bulletin board, dry erase board or something similar to keep things running smooth throughout the week. Don’t forget about that swimming lesson or soccer practice. Be sure to include homework schedules, a calender, and those out of the ordinary things that your kids will need to take with them to school.
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Plan Ahead of Time

CD/DVD Storage Binders for Decluttering

46. CDDVD Storage Binders

Recently we did a over hall on all the DVDs we owned. First we donated all the ones we didn’t feel we needed any longer Second, we removed the DVDs from the cases and recycled those. We then purchased DVD binders that we felt went with our decor filled them will all the DVDs we owned. Lastly, we made sure that all the DVDs were placed in alphabetical order leaving a few places for expansion. Talk about saving quite a bit of space and making things a look neat, eliminated DVD shelves and spindles.  Definitely recommend using DVD binders as part of your spring cleaning and decluttering areas of you home. I think you will pleased.

CD/DVD Storage Binders

Key Holder and Letter Box Organizer

45. Letter Organizer and Key Holder

If you are like most men, wallets, keys, and anything in the pockets get placed somewhere near the entry way of your home. Having a place to put these items is a good idea. Using a letter and key holder, or key holder and letter box organizer is a good way to keep things organized and convenient for coming and goings.  Above is simple example. Check out the many different organizing units that can be used for this project by clicking the link below.

Key Holder and Organizer


Behind the Door Organizers


Behind the door organizers can be used for multiple spaces.  As you can see above this storage unit can be used to organized many different spaces including your  laundry room, hall way closet for kids shoes, books, or other quick family supplies and even you craft room.  You can find most of these units with adjustable shelves and multiple lengths.  Half size units for cabinet doors are great for kitchens, utility rooms, and garage cabinets.

Back-of-The-Door Organizer