52 Ways to Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal

52 Ways to Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal

Today’s real estate market can be crazy. But improving your curb appeal can help you get the price that you want for the house that you are selling. Here is a list of 52 great ideas for improving your curb appeal on your home.

1. Hide your Garden Hose in an Attractive Planter

2. Reface Your Foundation

3. Update Your Address Numbers

4. Repave Your Driveway

5. Add a Pathway

6. Add Shutters

7. Add Personalized Planters

8. Add a Trellis Above the Garage Door

9. Buy a New Front Door

10. Add Window Boxes

11. Camouflage Eyesores

12. Add Mulch to Your Existing Garden Beds

13. Paint Your Front Door

14. Cover an old concrete stoop with pavers

15. Create a Container Garden

16. Update your Mailbox

17. Create a Seating Area in Your Front Porch

18. Put in a Fence

19. Update your Front Porch Light

20. Replace Your Garage Door

21. Paint your Garage Door

22. Add New Hardware to Your Front Door

23. Add Hardware to your Garage

24. Add Interesting Pieces to your Yard like an archway or bird bath

25. Add Symmetry to Your Front Door

26. Add Cute Welcome Mat

27. Paint the Exterior of your House

28. Add an Arbor

29. Paint your Trim

30. Power wash the Exterior of your Home

31. Clean your Windows

32. Plant a Tree or Two

33. Add a Door Knocker

34. Pull Weeds

35. Tile your Front Porch

36. Replace or Repair you Gutters

37. Upgrade your Porch or Deck Railing

38. Dress up your Dormer

39. Add Windows to your Garage

40. Add Molding to Your Front Door

41. Edge Your Driveway

42. Add Light to your Walkways

43. Window Treatments that Compliment the Exterior of the House

44. Paint your front stoop

45. Build a Berm

46. Replace Door Threshold

47. Get rid of dead and dying plants

48. Clean Your Roof

49. Replace Damaged Shingles

50. Pruned Landscape

51. Cute Patio Furniture

52. Manicured Lawn

Swirl Painted Vases

DIY Swirl Painted Vases

Check out these DIY swirl painted vases! They are an incredibly easy to do DIY project with only a few supplies required. All you really need is a vase of your choosing and a few paints colors that will combine nicely – that’s it! Sit back and let the paint do its job by swirling it in the vase to create some really nice looking patterns and designs! This project is the absolutely perfect way to add some color to a room!

1. Grab your simple vases that you plan to color (Choose a more sculptural one if you want)
2. Pick out your favorite paint colors that you plan to mix and make sure it is acrylic paint
3. Start off by adding only a couple of drops in your glass vase and then mix in another color and swirl it
4. Once you have a bit of a swirl add some more drops of the other color
5. Make sure you add paint very slowly that is kinda the trick to this and do not add any water at all yet or it will not stick to the glass properly
6. If you are in the process of swirling and you find your paint way too thick and its not moving much add only a couple of drops to thin it out a bit
7. Keep twisting and turning the inside of the vase until it is completely covered in paint
8. Drain the vase completely out now so there is no paint left over inside
9. Once you have drained it all out lay it on its side until it completely dries
10. Put your favorite decor into your vases such as branches!
11. Enjoy!

DIY Address Sign Monogram

DIY Address Sign Monogram

I love this neat idea in customizing your address sign with this chevron monogram! Great way to add some uniqueness within your community and have your home personalized. Purchase your letter and your address numbers, paint them to your color of choice, and add a funky design such as chevron. This super easy project will add a beautiful custom flare to your home! Check out the DIY address sign monogram!

DIY Ideas

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27 DIY Ways To Give Your Home A Make Over

27 DIY Ways To Give Your Home A Make Over

If your is in dire need of a quick makeover then you have come to the right place. Check out this 27 DIY Ways To Give Your Home A Make Over and stop talking about it and do it. There are so many great DIY ways to add decor, color or even some really neat lighting to your home.

Home Ideas

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DIY Industrial Chandelier

DIY Industrial Chandelier

Chandeliers are a beautiful piece of home decor but they can cost quite a bit of cash. But there is a DIY solution for that as well. Instead of a fancy ornamental style there is another style which I call industrial which in my mind is making a huge comeback in past years. Check out this DIY Industrial Chandelier to build one yourself at half the cost.

Home Decor Ideas

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DIY Heart Shaped Backdrop

DIY Heart Shaped Backdrop

Love is in the air…or in this case, on the wall. Make your very own DIY heart shaped backdrop and bring some love in any room. This gorgeous piece is simple to make and interchangeable. What a great project for Valentines Day or having an intimate dinner for two in front of the backdrop! Try it out this weekend!

Here is the link to DIY Heart Backdrop.

Heart Backdrop

Credit for Image(s): designlovefest.com

DIY Faux Fur Footstool

DIY Faux Fur Footstool

This beautiful DIY faux fur footstool is the perfect accessory when you feel like crawling into a little ball and curling up in front of the fireplace. Your feet will love it, and its quite easy to make. If white faux fur doesn’t match your color theme in your home, alter it to any other color or even fabric! I just love how it can compliment any room!

Here is the link to Footstools.

Faux Fur Footstool

Credit for Image(s): abeautifulmess.com

DIY Pebble Indoor/Outdoor Mat

DIY Pebble Indoor/Outdoor Mat

Have you ever seen a spa-inspired pebble bath mats sold in home decorating stores and saw its price? It can quite literately take your breath away. They are not cheap to buy. So why not consider making your own. Either as a welcome mat, bath mat or even a table top display. These smooth river rocks are available in craft stores in all sizes and shades so you can easily customize your mat by combining pebbles of different sizes and colors or using just one type. So try making your very own DIY pebble indoor/outdoor mat!

Here is the link to Pebble Mat.

DIY pebble mat

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DIY Sequin Burlap Pillow

DIY Sequin Burlap Pillow

Have you walked through a show home or a furniture shop and noticed how the pillows pop and showcase the furniture so beautifully? With this extremely easy DIY sequin burlap pillow, you can create the same feeling in your home! I just love how a bit of bling can really change a pillow from ordinary to extraordinary! Enjoy the tutorial!

Here is the link to sequin pillow.

DIY Sequin Pillow

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DIY Christmas Marquee Light Board

DIY Christmas Marquee Light Board

This beautiful DIY Christmas marquee light board is absolutely stunning. This festive holiday decor will shine and sparkle in any room of the house. With simple supplies, you can create your very own festive marquee light board that you will use year after year. I love this idea. Check it out!

Here is the link to Marquee Light Board.

Christmas Light Up Marquee

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DIY Recycled Shoebox Wall Art

DIY Recycled Shoebox Wall Art

Everyone has them. Shoeboxes stacked in the closet, or under the bed. With this neat DIY recycled shoebox wall art, you can create your very own custom semi-sequel graphic art! This is a cool idea to create the wall art for a child’s room or even a home office! Since the shoeboxes or even the lids are at similar depth to a canvas box, these recycled boxes are perfect for this DIY!

Here is the link to Wall Art.

Wall Art From Shoeboxes

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10 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Apples

10 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Apples

Decorating doesn’t have to be so difficult or expensive. With 10 ways to decorate your home with apples, you will see how a fruit that is available at any grocery store for a fraction of the cost will add color and interest to any room in your home. All you need is apples and this guide and you’ll be off creating beautiful decorative spaces! Enjoy!

Here is the link to Decorating with Apples.

10 Ways to Decorate with Apples

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How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets White

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets White

Here is a great tutorial on how to paint your kitchen cabinets white. It gives some really helpful hints for painting over a old color that you may have in your kitchen. Give this tutorial a look and let me know what you think.

Home Renovation Ideas

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39 DIY Wall Art Projects

39 DIY Wall Art Projects

Here are 39 really cool DIY wall art projects that are very easy and on a very good cheap budget. Give all of them a try and let us know how they turn out. Send us a picture of your wall art and we will feature you for free.

Wall Art

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