24 DIY Wine Bottle Centerpiece Ideas

24 DIY Wine Bottle Centerpiece Ideas

Here is another really brilliant centerpiece idea. Have fun with the idea this spring and add some plants to the side of your wine bottle. Whats great about this idea is not just a plain stick a flower in a wine bottle idea. It is very unique and stylish and warms your home with some more spring flowers.

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25 DIY Ways To Re-purpose Wine Barrels

25 DIY Ways To Re-purpose Wine barrels

Got some old wine barrels sitting around the basement, garage or out at your farm collecting dust. Well you should put them to good use because there are 25 DIY Ways To Re-purpose Wine barrels. What I love about these ideas is they all incorporate the wine barrel look into all the designs and ideas.

1. Table made from a wine barrel

2. Wine Barrel Cooler Tables

3. Cut out a portion of a wine barrel and turn it into a frame of a wall mirror

4. Wonderful Bar Table

5. Wine Barrel Water Gardens

6. A Beautiful Mini-Garden

7. Mini Bathroom

8. Custom-Build Donkey Kong Barrel Tabletop Arcade

9. Whiskey Barrels Transformed into Train and then Planted

10. Recycled Wine Barrel Dog Feeder

11. Luxury Dog House

12. Wine Barrel Dog Bed

13. Recycled Wine Barrel Bar

14. A Wine Barrel Sink

15. Wine Barrel Home Bar

16. Kitchen Island

17. Barrel Swing

18. An Old Barrel Ottoman

19. Make a Table For The Outdoor Area

20. Wine Barrel Fountains

21. DIY Wine Barrel/Wine Bottle Chandelier

22. Wine Glass Rack

23. Fairytale Mini Garden

24. Garden Bench

25. Wine Barrel Ice Cooler

DIY Fabulous Wine And Cheese Party

DIY Fabulous Wine And Cheese Party

For tonight whether you are spending it with your loved one, friends or even alone it is worth checking out these great tips for throwing a DIY Fabulous Wine And Cheese Party. Find out what wines and cheeses go really well today it is great knowledge to have with especially on days like today.

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DIY Wooden Wine Stopper

DIY Wooden Wine Stopper

Here is a great DIY woodworking project that would make an awesome gift for a house warming party, holidays or even a birthday. Just make sure that you pair this guy with your recipient’s favorite wine and you are gold at that point. Give it a shot!

Wine Stopper Ideas

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DIY Twine Wrapped Wine Bottle

DIY Twine Wrapped Wine Bottle Vases

Check out these DIY Twine Wrapped Wine Bottle! They are a really amazing way to take a simple bottle and turn them into some really nice home decor. Whats really great about these Twine Wrapped Wine Bottles is you can use them for quite a few different things including vases, serving drinks, or just kitchen decor.

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DIY Wine Cork Installation Wall Art

DIY Wine Cork Installation Wall Art

Thinking about redecorating your home in the near future. Well this is the perfect time for some DIY inspiration. There are so many different ways to make beautiful wall art so really what it comes down to is what suits you. Check out the DIY Wine Cork Installation Wall Art which gives you a place to use all those unused corks you have been collecting.

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